Great KD (returnofthekd) wrote in gtgnextlevel,
Great KD

Game #1, Level 2

September 5th 2004

Name The Game

**NOTE** There is a new "HINT" line that if your truly stumped on the game, type "HINT" as your answer.. and I will give you fairly good hint for you to figure it out.. though this will cost you 1/2 a point.. when you're guessing..

Also there has been the addition of a "Select Option" that will be given out as a bonus prize to the people that get some bonus questions correct. The option gives you either a one game break and get the points for that guess session or you can get the answers up to 2 free game... consider it a lucky getaway card for all you cheap, can't answer them all fools. look out for those.

Expect Level 2 to bring out more oriented titles that we arent fully familiar with but still get that fan base for... have fun!!!!
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