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Great KD

Final Results for August

Shu Warriors
+1 jmdbcool -- Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire
+1 goldieboy -- Romance of the Three Kingdoms 4, I believe
+1 aechris -- Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire
+1 mochino -- Romance of the three kingdoms IV

Wu Warriors
+.5 faepuck -- Romance of the Three Kingdoms
+.5 chrisswiss83 -- Romance of the Three Kingdoms
+.5 16waystosunday -- Romance Of The Three Kingdoms
+.5 alec_jenner -- Romance of the Three Kingdoms
+.5 eviltkat -- Romance of the 3 Kingdoms
+.5 tarpo -- Romance of the 3 Kingdoms
+.5 pezcore12c -- Romance of the Three Kingdoms series

Wei Warriors
zenithyoda -- Romance of the Seven Kingdoms You should be shot for such an answer

Mushroom Eater
+1 zenithyoda -- Super Mario 64
+1 mochino -- Super mario 64
+1 chrisswiss83 -- Super Mario 64
+1 jmdbcool -- Super Mario 64
+1 faepuck -- Super Mario 64
+1 goldieboy-- Super Mario 64
+1 16waystosunday -- Super Mario 64
+1 alec_jenner -- Super Mario 64
+1 eviltkat -- Super Mario 64
+1 aechris -- Super Mario 64

Pipe Dreamers
+.5 tarpo -- Its Super Mario.. either Mario RPG or World
+.5 pezcore12c -- Super Mario World

Koopa Stinkers

+1 alec_jenner -- Street Fighter Ex 3
+1 eviltkat -- Street Fighter EX3, you tricky SOB ; )
+1 aechris -- Street Fighter EX3

Sucker Punched
zenithyoda -- Street Fighter III?
chrisswiss83 -- Street Fighter 2010
jmdbcool -- Super Street Fighter Zero Alpha EX 7 Turbo OMG ed.
faepuck -- Street Fighter Alpha
mochino -- Street Fighter 2
goldieboy -- Super Street Fighter?
16waystosunday -- Street Fighter Alpha
tarpo -- street fighter 2010
pezcore12c -- Street Fighter: The Movie

Kung-Fu Master
+1 eviltkat -- Kung-Fu Kid
+1 aechris -- Kung-Fu Kid

Karate Chopped!
chrisswiss83 -- Ninja Kid
jmdbcool -- Ninja Kid
faepuck -- Karate Kid
zenithyoda -- Karate Kid
16waystosunday -- Ninja Kid
alec_jenner -- Ninja Kid something-or-other
tarpo -- Kid Niki
pezcore12c -- Micheal Jackson's Moonwalker... oops

+1 tarpo -- Looks like they are the characters from Renegade
+1 pezcore12c -- Renegade, booo!!!

Beat Up
chrisswiss83 -- Kunio
jmdbcool -- River City Ransom
mochino -- double dragon 1
goldieboy -- ....Double Dragon?
zenithyoda -- Double Dragon?
16waystosunday -- River City Ransom
alec_jenner -- Billy Lee from Double Dragon
eviltkat -- The Lost Boys

*Notes* The winner will be announced later tonight, congrats to all contestants for working their butts off trying to figure out the games... check back tonight for your winner.
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Oh well.. it was a good month at least..

Renegade is a damn fun game.. sometimes.. at least throwing the guys off the subway platform was fun
yes.. i like kicking the fat girl on stage 3 and making her bend over like she wants some lol
I always enjoyd kicking the guys off the motorcycles.. can you believe I actually owned that damn game
Can you tell that I got frustrated with all the different versions when trying to find the Street Fighter one? (^_^);
haha damn and there is such an easy way to win at all these scrambled games too

Deleted comment

lol u did, and i would of given it credit but i havent brought in the japanese parts yet... ull see what i mean, but keep it in mind !!!
Hehe, your favorite army's the Shu army?

Mine always was, too. Ma Chao rocks my socks, man. =P

....I'm also geeky enough to have read the novel, Romance Of The Three Kingdoms. Longest, hardest book I've EVER read. But it was good.

Oh yeah, and I never thought I'd be doing as well as I am. :p
Oh yes, and he SHOULD be shot. Multiple times. And then left in the dirt path for the mobs of underling privates to march over him. :D
haha i read them all ... fantastic series
Damn I am dumb . . . I thought I wrote something wrong, but was too lazy to check back . . .