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aww crap.. it looked like No Escape to me.. Oh well.. I think thats the first one I actually got WRONG though as opposed to just no answer
yeah its weird here.. like only 2 -3 game guessers, yet the 2 current ones have about 5-10 on each that guessed... weird.. maybe these are getting hard lol who knows
Gonna take time to get the popularity up a bit.. and it should be hard.. I mean it IS the next level..
yeah i still have about 5 new games to imploy on to here.. the "Uh-Oh Title Scramble" is 1 of them, most games i have going up will be med-hard, i still have about 200 games ready for a blitz that i doubt many will guess.. but hey its all a game right??!?!?! :-D
Can't wait to get as many as I can.. and I LOVE the title scramble.. Almost got caught out by the second one till I thought about it for a second..

Deleted comment

true.. i guess im just trying to see who really follows their gameplay, any one can see a pic of mario and say oh its a super mario game of some sorts, but at the same time, you gotta get with the real deal of gameplayers whom seek a challenge too.. well at least teh next 2-3 updates im sure alot of people will be in the ranks for guessing :-D
Whoo, I got lucky on the Pesterminator bonus question. I wasn't sure if you wanted "Color Dreams", who made the game, or "Western Exterminator"... Western Exterminator being the company that has that dude with the hammer for their logo.